Course Name: Media Science & Technology

Diploma in Media Science & Technology
(Affiliated by M.A.K.A.U.T)
Duration: 12 Months (01 year)

Academic Session:
There will be two sessions each year starting in first working day of January and first working day of July with prior approval from the University.

There will be two exam period between 15th of June to 30th of June and 15th of December to 31st of December as notified by the Controller of Examination MAKAUT, WB. The University will conduct only the END Course Examination till further notice.

Course Content:

Sl. No. Module Title Theory  Practical Total 
Module – 1 Development of Mass Communication: Introduction to Media 24 hours 36 hours 60 hours
Module – 2 Understanding of Media laws & ethics in Mass Communication 24 hours 36 hours 60 hours
Module – 3 Understanding Modern Journalism 24 hours 36 hours 60 hours
Module – 4 Understanding reporting techniques 24 hours 36 hours 60 hours
Module – 5 Copy editing & opinion pieces 24 hours 36 hours 60 hours
Module – 6 Understanding news cluster 24 hours 36 hours 60 hours

On completion of the course, (Diploma in Media Science and Technology) students will be able to:

  1. As the first paper of the Media Science and Technology Course, this serves as the stepping stone . to understanding the world of media. This is a general introduction t6 all the fields in the media.
  2. To make students aware of the ethical practices for a media professional to follow and to make the aware of the laws the are predominant in the media industry.
  3. Giving students an idea about modern/electronic media. This will help them to understand and differentiate between electronic media and print media and be familiar with the pros and cons of the two.
  4. To make the students aware about the reporting procedure and the techniques associated with it.
  5. The aim for this paper is to equipped all the students with the copy editing skills that the industry requires.
  6. This paper help the students to be successful in the media sector. The aim for this paper is to develop the sense of news and after completion of this paper students will able to analyze the importance of various elements of news.