Skill Courses


Videography is evolving as the most popular version of Cinematography in Media. A picture is a worth a thousand words, this holds true only when the picture taken is able to translate the message and that is what we aim to teach at the AKD Institute. With our videography courses, students start from the basics that are essential to get any picture right and then learn to further build on it.

Community Journalism

In the context of the fast growing mainstream News reporting, a Community Journalist helps the correspondent and editorial team in newsroom by circulating or providing local news on different subjects important to community.

Community Journalism is gaining importance in our social structure due to the popularity and availability of social media channels like Youtube and Facebook.

Graphic Designer

The images and art that are designed by a graphic artist is like telling a story through pictures. At the AKD Institute, focus of training is in creation of an extensive portfolio that demonstrates artistic talent and technical skills. With adequate access to design of contents with association with In house experts and opportunity to showcase skills in an existing Media Environment, students are extensively trained in the field.


The Editor is a vital part in disseminating Media content. The combined knowledge of Video Editing and Sound Recording is important for maintaining technical harmony in editing. This career has plenty of job opportunities with TV studios and News Channels. Students get essential knowledge about Linear Editing to develop Editing sense and full practice on Non Linear Editing, special effects and Sound Recording. All theory lectures are followed by practical in studio and Editing on Computer.

Search Engine Marketing Executive

Search Engine Marketing Executives are responsible for managing all paid search campaigns on all major search engine networks. They are responsible for setting up pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and execute activities such as keyword research, advertisement copies creation, keywords bidding, set-up of advertisement extensions etc. to drive relevant paid traffic to the website or landing pages.

Advertising Operations Coordinator (Digital)

Certificate Course in Advertising Operations is an Ad Operations training course. You will be learning all aspects of Ad Operations including Industry Overview, Ad Servers, Ad Trafficking, Campaign Optimization, Tracking, Targeting, Analytics, Reporting, Discrepancies and more.

Learn Ad Operations and start a new career or upgrade to the next level in your career.

The course includes practice in a real environment within the industry

Search Engine Optimization Executive

Search Engine Optimization Executives are responsible for managing all search engine optimization activities such as making content, keywords strategy, link building for website strategy to increase rankings in all major search networks and drive organic traffic to the website. The course material has been designed by dsigital media marketing experts, who have got more than 5 years of experience in Ad Operations practices and SEO. Learn Search Engine Operations and start a new career or upgrade to the next level in your career.

Social Media Executive

The Social Media program is designed to build advanced skill sets in social media marketing by following a clear, structured, expert-recommended learning path. You’ll master the various facets of social media marketing—including social media strategy, online reputation management, influencer marketing, content marketing and web analytics, and you’ll acquire extensive project experience and the capability to manage

and strategize social media marketing initiatives.